Holy Cross Catholic Church
The Pastor' Note
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Wisdom 6:12-16
Second Reading: 1Thessalonians 4:13-18
Gospel: Matthew 25:1-13

Wise = Quick, Foolish = Slow

The ten virgins we hear about in the readings today aren't really bridesmaids (what groom has bridesmaids?), but are probably teenage relatives of the groom. Half of them are on the ball, and half are slow to catch on. And the story isn't limited to being about a wedding, but is actually about how God deals with us and how quick we are to catch on.

Reading and hearing Scripture passages, of course, is a normal way for us to reflect on what God is doing in our lives and in our world. But also important is our attentiveness to the breath of the Spirit and the hand of God at work in our hearts and minds. Whatever comes our way as a thought, a question, a sensory input, or an intuition, whether it's exciting or disturbing, is something worth pausing over, noticing it, and asking what we can learn from it. There seems to be little that we can't learn something from it.

And if we think that we're slow-witted when it comes to picking up clues about what God is sending us as messages, we simply remember to ask God to teach us his ways, and to help us become aware of what God is doing and saying. There's a verse in a psalm that says something like, "All that we have done, you have one for us." It's another way of saying that all of life is a gift from God to us.

And if we realize that we're beginning to catch on, then we're becoming ready to join the Bridegroom for the heavenly party.

Fr. Greg

* * * *